Rings (Part 2)

[This is the last of a two-part post.]

The morning of Dec. 31, 1977, Kim’s cousin Ginny called, asking if I could give her a ride to Wayzata Bay shopping center. That, like, never happened before.

After I took her and her sister there, we stopped over at Kim’s. We sat around, watched TV and talked about our Christmases and class rings (Kim had gotten hers that day). Apparently I wanted to linger in that moment as long as possible. I later wrote: “Anny was out shoveling the driveway, Tracy came in from skiing…I went into [Kim’s] room and looked at her stereo—she’s got a Peter Frampton poster on the wall.” I’d been at her house for an hour and a half.

I stopped by Skeeze’s house, where he was preparing to play a New Year’s Eve gig at Paradise Ballroom. On the way home, I parked outside Surfside, the old supper club nestled beside Mound Bay Beach, sucking in memories from years past. Then I called Steph when I got home to see about a New Year’s Eve date.

It was a go.

Harvey picked up Steve and I in his new ’stang and we drove to New Hope to get Steph and her best friend, Kim. Back in Minnetonka, we hit fellow senior Matt Berry’s New Year’s Eve party, where most of our school was that night. “It seemed everyone was silently impressed by Steph,” I wrote later. “I have to admit that I was pretty proud.” Kim felt out of place, it seems. Perhaps she wasn’t entirely sure she’d counted on Steve as her date, since Steph and I had been snuggling together in the backseat.

Harvey wasn’t too sure he enjoyed being chauffeur, either.

All the anticipation, the waiting, the wondering, came down to that one moment there in Harvey’s Mustang. It was clear to me after reading the last diary entry of 1977 that the night held special significance—in the form of a lovingly inserted, double-sided addendum written in the same blue-black fountain pen. It was a magical night and I wanted the diary to reflect my satisfaction with how it had turned out.

We left Berry’s house before midnight, stopping over to see friends Mike and Liz, who were watching TV. It was there we rung in the new year. The girls had to be back to New Hope by midnight, and we were running late. Scott dropped Steve off at home after we left Liz’s, and on the drive back to New Hope, Steph and I “made out in the back seat.”

“We kissed goodbye when we arrived at Kim’s home,” the diary further states. “I don’t remember the ride home; I had trouble sleeping that night… I had that feeling you know, but most sadly of all feelings … the year had slipped away.” Just. Like. That.

Bye-bye, 1977.

~ by completelyinthedark on September 28, 2012.

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