They’ve Only Just Begun (Addendum)

I’m not particularly superstitious, so I’ll just throw this out to y’all. You decide what to make of it, especially coming off a blog post from about a month ago.TOJB_addendum

This morning I sorted and recycled bills, receipts and mail from over six years ago. It’s a tedious process, but I’ve decided to do it by hand because I never know what I’m going to discover inside “The Paper Monster.”

Not a lot of personal stuff, but one manila envelope from Dad, postmarked March 12, 2007—18 months before he died. Inside was his church’s newsletter—and a photo that nearly floored me.

Taken on Mom and Dad’s first anniversary, Dec. 21, 1958, they’re all smiles and celebrating Christmas with best friends (and soon to be my godparents), the Morelands. A Post-It note from Dad reads: “Hi Mike, Picture from yesteryear and Church news letter Love Dad.

What’s crazy about this is how it’s apropos of nothing. With a March 2007 postmark, there’s no anniversary, birth date or other reason for Dad to have sent the photo when he did. And for me to rediscover it a week after I’d written a blog post about that very period 1955­–1959, prior to my birth—I mean, wacky, huh?

So, Scooby, Dooby Doo, where are you?

Now go get yourself a Scooby Snack. All-new post up before Saturday morning!

~ by completelyinthedark on May 7, 2013.

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  1. Frickin’ amazing


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