Oh Very Young

From three years ago, and an update: If you’re grieving the loss of a loved one, just know that you are not alone. AND if you believe you suffer from depression, you are also not alone. There are lovely people ready and willing to help. Please let them. All the best, Mike

Completely in the Dark

“…and the goodbye makes the journey harder still.”


It’s now autumn, 1976. Bicentennial summer has passed, a new school year has started, and I’m a junior in high school, just about to turn 17.

Earlier that year my parents had exchanged the evangelical church in Navarre, Minn., for the Methodist church in Mound, where I was going to school. But I lingered on at the old church because my long-time crush on a blonde named Linda persisted. Eventually the folks convinced me to attend their new church.

That’s where I first saw Kim.

Bethel Methodist used to sponsor a youth-activities night and I got talked into hanging with my brother and his friends. Saturday night, December 4, we attended an event that coincided with the church’s Christmas bazaar and “smorgasbord.” My brother’s classmate Joni was working the buffet table and her friend Kim, long blonde hair and…

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