Tell Me a Story

Going through some soul-searching on my own stories and what matters as a new year begins. All-new post next Friday, so here’s an appetizer until then.

Completely in the Dark

Once upon a time, there were no stories.Story Time 2

Umm, what?

That’s right. It’s a ridiculous statement to make, because I can’t remember such a time.

If there ever was a true beginning of the world, then that was not it—no stories? No life!

No Bambi fleeing a burning forest.

No Sleeping Beauty pricking her finger on a wicked witch’s spindle.

No foot race with golden apples and—terror of terrors—a lovely young woman with a priceless wedding gift, and whose misuse of it is legendary.

It started so simply: “Hey, diddle, diddle, the cat and the fiddle,” “Hickory, dickory, dock!” “Little Boy Blue, come blow your horn,” “Little Bo Peep, lost her sheep…”

Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail… and Peter.

And then Wynken, Blynken… and Nod. Just three dudes sailing off in a wooden shoe, “on a river of crystal light…” I could see it! I could imagine their crazy flight!

Story Time 1My maternal…

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~ by completelyinthedark on January 13, 2017.

2 Responses to “Tell Me a Story”

  1. Mike, I stumbled upon your Casco Point site recently. Growing up on Casco Point, your neighbor, you have brought back memories too many to count, names, places, people & experiences. Thank you for your colorful memories, honest yet painful descriptions and voicing your life, a unique but parallel reality to my own growing up on Casco Circle. I wish for you meaningful companionship, interesting employment, and all that is good in life! Say “Hello” to Brian!
    Your neighbor, Polly (Oas) Wieczorek
    (Youngest of Oas Family, who recently sold our childhood family home at 3297 Casco Circle.)

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    • Hi Polly, thanks for chiming in! Brian’s well and living in Maple Grove, now an empty nester Dad of three! Didn’t you have a brother in my class? Scott? I’ve lost track with Minnetonka peeps. Actually CITD is MY LIFE since we’re not getting younger and if I don’t get this shit down, no one will. It’s been tough to lose the folks, but everyone WILL lose someone they care about, it’s how you choose to deal with it. Writing is my gig. That’s how I deal. Thanks for checking in!


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