Curly Toes

Apologies, but I WILL be back on new posts after winding up Medium 100 Days next Tuesday. Have 2 posts in the hopper. Crazy new schedule. For now, I’m hoping to get in with a podiatrist again since my feet hate me. :-/ cheers MM

Completely in the Dark

Dear Mom and Dad:CurlyToes

How are you enjoying disembodiment?

Good, I hope.

I often think about all your former aches and pains, especially as I’m growing older, too. No longer having a physical body must be a huge relief. Whew, I can only imagine.

And while I’m grateful you gave birth to me, I just gotta say…

Having a body totally sucks.

Take for example my early childhood fevers, those terrible leg aches—I remember you both staying up at night, taking turns rubbing my legs while I cried, and feeding me applesauce laced with aspirin. I thought those nights would never end.

Or my baby tooth, which never had an adult one underneath it, insuring I’d need my first dental bridge.

And while we’re on the face part of things, why couldn’t you have left me the ability to smile, to show teeth? While at a recent checkup…

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~ by completelyinthedark on May 18, 2017.

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